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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cush for the tush

If one is related to me and is learning to walk, one may need a little more cush for the ole tush. Poor little Harper is walking more and more each day, but when she falls, she falls hard on a little tiny butt. She's got bruises on her booty from falling on toys, rocks, and other various and sundry objects. So, what is a mom to do??? Make her some ruffly, cushy panties/shorts, of course!
Grace got a pair to because I couldn't resist a picture on the beach with the two little ruffly butts together!

Harper's first pair of 'cushy tushy' shorts

Grace's pair, a little longer, more like board shorts. She actually loves them! Yay.

Harper's 2nd pair of cushy tushy bloomers. So cute.

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