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Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter dress possibility???

Here are our cute little dyed Easter eggs with real bunny grass growing inside! I love these. Chris kept them alive while we were in Florida! Thanks, Honey!



you like
these dresses???

I haven't tried them on the girls yet, and I just have to spend a little time praying that Grace will actually put it on her body. I usually have to make up a snazzy name like 'cotton candy dress' or 'Sleeping Beauty dress' or something of the sort... and that warms her up to the idea.

Although, today I came to get her out of bed in a cute skirt of my own, and she looks at it and says with all the enthusiasm in the world: "Ooohhh MOM, I looooovvvvveeee that skirt... will you make me one JUST like it?? Can I see it twirl???" So, that made my day, and it is on my list to make her one.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cush for the tush

If one is related to me and is learning to walk, one may need a little more cush for the ole tush. Poor little Harper is walking more and more each day, but when she falls, she falls hard on a little tiny butt. She's got bruises on her booty from falling on toys, rocks, and other various and sundry objects. So, what is a mom to do??? Make her some ruffly, cushy panties/shorts, of course!
Grace got a pair to because I couldn't resist a picture on the beach with the two little ruffly butts together!

Harper's first pair of 'cushy tushy' shorts

Grace's pair, a little longer, more like board shorts. She actually loves them! Yay.

Harper's 2nd pair of cushy tushy bloomers. So cute.